STEM Stories For Kids: Bring Back The Joy In Science!

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Whats’s your memory of learning science in school? Dreaded the days before the exams and rushed through all the notes in the last minute? A lot of us grew up that way, because of the dislike we had to the subject, am sure. But, cut to the present, and my kids are enjoying science a lot more than I did- probably because of the wide exposure they have, and the interactive modes of learning the subject.

Kidsstoppress is delighted to associate with Nutspace for this exclusive course for your kids on Summer Fun Factory.

NutSpace is a global edtech platform that uses stories to build communication, creativity, critical thinking, confidence and life skills in children. The platform provides original video content, lesson plans, assessments and do-it-yourself exercises for lifelong learning.

About the course: 

  • This course contains 4 videos of storytelling of a total duration of around 40 minutes. 
  • Each of the videos explains a fun science concept weaved in the form of an interesting story for kids aged 4 and above.  
  • With an engaging narrative style and a fun storyline, your kids will want to hear them in repeat mode! 

Go ahead, and access this course for your kids. The first step to raising a wiz kid is in getting them to fall in love with the world of science!