Covaxin For Kids Approved: Are We Ready, Parents?

Author : KSP Team
With Covaxin announcing that kids between 2-18 years can now be vaccinated, we are on the fence about whether we will give the jab or wait till we have more data. What is your take?

For many of us, the wait is finally over. Vaccine for kids for Covid-19 is almost here. 

Among other makers expediting the process to release the vaccine for children (12+ in some cases), Bharat Biotech has taken the lead and got the emergency approval for Covaxin shot for children aged 2-18 years. They submitted the trial data to the DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India) at the start of this month and they have been given emergency approval. So far here is what we know: 

  • The made-in-India vaccine will be administered in two doses, with a gap of 20 days between the first and second dose.
  • From the phase 2 and phase 3 trial results, submitted experts and the DCGI have assured that the vaccine is safe for children. 

But here is what we don't know yet: 

Parents are awaiting answers to these, but at the moment, there is a sigh of relief among the fraternity that we are one step closer to protecting our vulnerable kids from this dreaded virus.

We asked parents if they are ready to give their kids the Covaxin shot and we have received some mixed replies from parents. 

While some say a strong No, there is a perceived confusion among the other parents. Some are eager to check out more results from the trial study, while others would like to take the "wait and watch" approach while others are leaving it to the paediatricians and doctors to give their verdict on it. 

Go ahead, and check out what other parents have to say in the comments section on our Instagram post yesterday. Click below to read it now. 

Dr Nihar Parekh, a leading paediatrician in Mumbai who has earlier spoken to us on how to keep our kids safe during the pandemic shared his view on the vaccine- why it is essential and why it needs to answer more questions now than ever before. Watch this video here. 

We earlier spoke to experts in the education field and what parents must be prepared for before they are ready to send their kids to school. Watch the video to hear what they have to say:.



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