3 Things My Gen Z Kids Learnt From The Movie ’83’

If you are in the mood for an engaging film that unites cricket and cinema, this is it
83 movie

Do you love cricket?

Do you love watching movies?

Then you should watch the new movie that hit the stands recently. Cricket in India is not just a sport, it’s an emotion. The connection people have with the game is something that cannot be described in words.

If you are in the mood for an engaging film that unites cricket and cinema, this is it – 83 is the new movie to hit the stands and I would recommend you watch it for sure!

I was too young to remember the match but I am sure all the cricket crazy people in my house must have sat glued to the running commentary. My kids and I went to the movie this weekend and I was a little apprehensive whether they would connect with the movie. For them, MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli mean cricket. Who was Kapil Dev or Dilip Vengsarkar. But I think the bond we have cricket lives on in our kids as well. They loved the movie as much as I did.

Even if you are not a true blue cricket lover you’ll still enjoy the thrill with a mixture of fascination, indulgence and occasional fidgetiness.

About The Movie

The movie is about the iconic 1983 cricket World Cup. In a masterstroke, director Kabir Khan brought to life one of India’s biggest sporting glories – the then Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev lifting the Prudential World Cup, dethroning the mighty West Indies in the final at the historic Lord’s Cricket Ground in London on June 25, 1983. The movie stars Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev and Deepika Padukone as Romi Bhatia, Kapil Dev’s wife.

Did you know – There are no highlights of the innings. The reason for the same is the nationwide strike from the sole broadcasters BBC back then.

Did you know when the Indian team was leaving for England to play the World Cup, they were without a coach, doctor and even a physiotherapist? Only one BCCI official PR Maan Singh was associated with the Indian team as the manager during the World Cup.

Here’s why my Gen Z kids and I enjoyed this movie.

We all knew the outcome that India had won the cup but the nail-biting instances had all of us sitting at the edge of our seats – with a lot of cheering and an equal amount of tears sliding down our faces. (Yes! I got emotional watching the movie!!!)

My 11-year-old son told me when we were walking out that for him obviously, the win was important but it’s about earning respect. We were the underdog team when we went to play that year and no one expected us to win. But we did and one of the factors that kept pushing the team to play better was the fact that they wanted the world to respect their talent and them.

I keep telling my kids this – don’t worry if you fail once, you need to just stick to your guns and try again till you achieve what you want. Respect is earned and can’t and won’t be handed to you on a platter.

The team spirit is superbly captured throughout the movie with no one giving each other grief for things that happen around them and don’t let their ego get in between the team players – whether it is young Sunil Gavaskar being asked to step down for Kapil Dev as captain or a bowler not able to play because his teammate can prove his worth.

Our kids should learn that as well. Don’t let your personal feelings or your ego get in the way of you doing your job – no matter how big or small you feel it is. Always put your best foot forward.

Also the fact that Kapil Dev doesn’t speak English the way it’s meant to be, didn’t deter him from making history in the cricket world. You know how kids (and adults) can be if a person doesn’t appear or behave in a particular way. I often tell the kids and hope this movie reiterates for them that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what’s inside that matters. Your appearance should not be a reason for someone to not take you seriously or treat you with respect.

All in all, a must-watch. You won’t come out disappointed.

Watch the trailer here to get into the mood and feel the goosebumps

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