Delhi Nursery Admissions: Do You Have These Essential Documents Ready?

Make sure you have enough photocopies of documents to submit in school and also create a folder in your desktop with a scanned copy of all of them to submit online. Scroll down to read the list of essential documents needed and don’t forget to share this with a fellow parent, sailing in the same admission boat! 

Parents- are you ready for the battle?!

The Nursery Admissions to the best schools in Delhi are all set to begin on 15th December. The entire process is starting 2 weeks earlier this year– and parents have a full 3 weeks to go about the admission process online and offline to their preferred schools. 

Here is a quick look at the important dates you need to bookmark:

  • The admission window is open for 3 weeks from December 15th-January 7th. 
  • The first list of selected children along with marks/points secured will be out on February 4th.
  • The second list will be out on February 21st and the process will conclude on March 31st.
  • As always, 25% of the seats in each school will be allocated for the EWS/DG category. 
  • All private schools to upload their criteria (with points for each criteria on their website) by December 14th.
  • The government has also set an upper age limit of less than 4 years to be eligible for the admissions for nursery, 5 years for kindergarten, and less than 6 years for class 1. 

Now- that you are all set and prepared to start the admission process- here is a handy checklist of the documents you will need to sail through the admission process. Make sure you have enough photocopies of them to submit in school and also create a folder in your desktop with a scanned copy of all of them to submit online. 

Scroll down to read the list of essential documents needed and don’t forget to share this with a fellow parent, sailing in the same admission boat! 

Documents needed:

Below is the list of forms you will need to keep ready before the actual process starts, to avoid confusions and last-min running around.

1. Birth Certificate from the municipal corporation: 

Consider this the foremost document, you will need. Take enough photocopies of your child's birth certificate to submit to the various schools and keep the original ready to hand over to the school you finally admit your ward to. Ensure you avoid hassles such as spelling mistakes/name mismatch on the birth certificate and the admission forms. In remote cases of not having the birth certificate or name change, you will need to make an affidavit for the same.

2. Residence Proof: 

This is one document that is likely to cause some confusion. Most schools insist on only one document for residence proof, whereas some schools might surprise you at the last minute asking for 2 or more. The following documents are accepted as valid id proof documents in most schools. (But remember the recent SC ruling that states Aadhaar is not mandatory but is an acceptable proof of residence).

Passport in the name of any one of the parents/child. Also to be on the safe side, ensure you endorse your spouse's name on the passport.

AADHAR card in the name of any one of the parents/ child.

-Voter ID card in the name of one of the parents.

-Domicile certificate of the child or one of the parents.

-Ration card issued in the name of one of the parents, bearing the name of the child.

-Electricity bill/ Water bill /MTNL bill in the name of any of the parents/child.

Another point of contention among parents is the fact that if they stay in a rented house, they would not have the bills in their name. A rent lease document can be used as a substitute. But most schools, do not accept this. Hence, it is suggested that, in addition to the rent lease agreement, arrange for a passport/Aadhaar card for the current residence. Most schools- have neighbourhood as the foremost criteria and hence these documents are scrutinised thoroughly.

3. Sibling Quota:

Most schools offer points to the applicants if one/more of their siblings study in the same school. Make sure you have the elder one's school documents like Fee Bill in place, to claim those vital points.

4. Alumni Quota:

If either/both of the parents is an alumnus of the school applying to, they would need to attach the X/XII passing certificate. In very remote cases, branches of the parent school are considered. Clarify directly with the school.

5. Single Parent:

Most schools have points allocated for children of single parents. You will have o justify the same using relevant legal documents when applying.

6. First Born child:

Amidst uproar for sibling quota, most schools also grant points for the first born child. You will need to get an affidavit claiming the same. Also, most schools, have specified formats for this affidavit. Consult with the school/website before you spend money on an affidavit.

7. Children with special needs:

You would need to submit an original certificate of disability from Government Hospitals

The above list is the one that most schools adhere to but is not exclusive to all. Check with the school that you are applying to if you will need anything more. Also, here is a mom's take on how she survived the Delhi admissions- a must read. 

And good luck with the admissions! 

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