Develop Emotional Intelligence In Kids With These Activities

Little ones can’t differentiate between their emotions. Listening to your child’s feelings is extremely important. Teach them different emotions and help them express better with these fun and simple activities.

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the new buzz word around town. Corporate giants like Amazon & Google are now hiring people more based on their EQ rather than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Researchers at Harvard have documented that people with high EQ are far more successful in all aspects of life than those with only a high IQ.

What Is EQ?

It is the ability to recognize, manage, and use our emotions in a way that we make better decisions. We learn to respond rather than react, to take that pause when required, to empathize, to work collaboratively towards the greater good.

EQ is formally taught after the age of 5 years. However, I have created a list of activities you can do with your children even as young as 2 years which will stimulate their emotional development:

EQ activities for young kids:

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