Dieting? How To Cook Meals The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Dieting while cooking for your family can become a chore. With these tips, you should be able to get past that hurdle and introduce your family to a healthier lifestyle.

So you’re going on a diet. The will to stick to it is one thing but the thought of making separate meals for everyone else who lives in your home is far more harrowing.

As a mother of a twelve-year-old boy, ten-year-old girl and with a husband ( his age I shall not disclose) – we are a household with varied tastes and nutritional needs. Before I dive into what works for me and my family in the food department- here’s a disclosure: I don’t believe in fad/crash diets that are time-bound and unsustainable where you are sometimes expected to cut out entire food groups. 

I subscribe to the thought that a ‘healthy diet’ is a balanced one. Something that one can and should be able to broadly follow for life. In fact, I like to call it a lifestyle choice rather than a diet.

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt over the years that helped ensure that we are eating wholesome meals without having the cumbersome task of cooking separate things for each individual.

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