Digital Marketing: Tips To Build Your Brand (They Actually Work)

What does it take to follow what your heart desires and take the plunge? Should you hesitate so much to invest in yourself? Mansi Zaveri, Founder, talks about the journey of, what prompted her to follow her passion and what she learnt in the process. The learnings, the mistakes, the experiences and conversations on specific topics on digital marketing with experts are all documented in a course for those of you who want to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for the perfect platform to learn more about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship- here is where you need to do it. Enrol for the KSP Mom Boss Course and stake your claim to your dream business! Over 40+ modules and additional BONUS modules – curated and ready for you- join us today!

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is to upgrade our skills and continue learning on the go. A definite 9-5 job is great but if you are passionate about something and would want to build it as a brand, self-doubt should never hamper your process. Women need to break the shackles they have tied for themselves and think beyond running just neighbourhood businesses.

The story of Kidsstoppress: 

Kidsstoppress was started when I realized there was no one place where a parent would have all their parenting needs and questions answered. The journey of KSP from its inception in 2012 to present-day 2021 has been one that's grown by leaps and bounds. KSP is a parenting platform that has become a product and a community that parents rely on for all their parenting needs. The vision has also been one of #simplifyingparenting in today's digital era. Read more on KSP's journey here. 

Helping fellow mompreneurs: 

I often wondered if I had more help back then when I started KSP if I had a sounding board, maybe if my growth would have been faster. That's why I have put in all my learnings and my conversations with other experts in the digital space into a platform that will help other mompreneurs. The #KSPMomBossCourse that was built just to provide a hand-holding and help lift the fellow mompreneurs along the way has been doing this the last one year and we are happy we are able to give back the society, learnings and experiences that we gathered over the last 8 years at @kidsstoppress.

What will you learn at the KSP Mom Boss Course:

With a community to learn from, connect with and grow along there is never a better time to bring your business dreams to reality. 

If you need an insight into the Digital Marketing world and clarity on how to make your brand- big or small stand out. This is that. So whether you are a brand owner, or a fledgling entrepreneur, or a blogger looking to widen your reach or a social media influencer- this course is tailor-made for you.

What will you get in this course? 

  • Instant Access to 40+ modules with experts in the digital stream
  • New courses that are added every month
  • Instant access to previous courses
  • Life long access to all modules with just a one-time fee
  • Invitation to join our exclusive closed members group on Facebook
  • 2 goal setting sessions with Mansi Zaveri
  • Downloadables that will make all your learnings actionable
  • Guides to double your results and reduce efforts

To access the closed group on Facebook- click here. 

To enrol for the KSP Mom Boss Course- click here right away. In addition to access to 35+ modules on digital marketing and building your brand in the digital space, you will also get access to Bonusmodules on hacks to building your brand on Instagram, understanding your clients' needs, and full access to our Instagram Masterclass courses- join here right away or leave us a message "INTERESTED- MOM BOSS" on 9819368429 and we shall get back to you with more details right away! 


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