Disciplining Kids During A Pandemic- How To Establish A Routine?

The pandemic has been a difficult parenting experience for mot of us and the biggest challenge has been disciplining kids or helping them establish a routine.

what Are The Three Words You Always Wish To Hear From Your Kids? I Bet They Are "i Miss School"! These Serendipitous Words Are Finally Coming From The Kids. Corona Has Made The Impossible, Possible! 

on The Other Hand, The Closing Of Schools, Tuitions, And Playgrounds Is Leading To A Melancholy Lifestyle For The Children. With Over 5 Months Of Schools Being Shut, The Harsh Reality Of Homeschooling Has Come True. I Like To Call This Situation 'home Alone Feat Parents’. Let’s Not Glamorize The Struggles Of Parents In The Lockdown. It Is Already Covered Enough. This Article Is About Reducing The Struggles Of Parents In The Lockdown- #simplifyingparenting In The Pandemic.

frank Herbert Said “seek Freedom And Become Captive Of Your Desires. Seek Discipline And Find Your Liberty."

it Is Your Turn Now To Seek Liberty From The Hardships Of Parenting By Making Your Kids Disciplined. Here Are Some Smart Tips From Smart Moms To Do That.

1. Plan Your Kid's Work

the First Thing Towards Discipline Is Having A Plan! plans Are Not Meant Only For Adults Or Professionals. They Are Useful To Kids Also. Keeping The Kids Productive Will Keep Them Motivated And Not Be Attracted To Video Games Or Youtube.

"we Prepared A Daily Schedule For Aalam. We Planned All His Favourite Activities Like Learning Music, Programming, Study, Climbing Training Along With Some Mobile Time," says suhita, Aalam's Mom. Both Her Husband And Suhita Being Professors At Iiser (indian Institute Of Science Education And Research) In Pune, Were Busy Throughout The Lockdown. "we Had To Carry Corona Related Regulations, Make Arrangements For The Students In The Institute, Prepare Video Lectures, And Sometimes Work With In-house Students On Their Research. Our Schedule Was Not Affected That Much. But, Aalam's Life Turned Upside Down. Keeping Him Creatively Busy Was Our Only Solution." remembers Suhita.

they Made Sure Aalam Continued His Music And Climbing Classes Through Online Coaching. They Also Utilized His Free Time To Teach Him Programming. "now When I Ask Him, He Agrees That Having A Plan Has Kept Him Disciplined Like Before. For His Climbing Training, He Used To Wake Up At 7 In The Morning. Naturally, He Sleeps Early. Having A Plan Makes Him Excited About The New Day. Of Course, Not Every Day He Followed The Plan. But We Would Acknowledge Whenever He Was Obedient. He Himself, Later On, Realized The Benefits Of Being Disciplined", She Admits. 

2. Work Your Plan

once Your Kids Are Busy It Is Necessary To Plan Your Time Too. If You Want Your Kids To Sleep Early And Wake Early, You Must Do The Same. For That, You Must Have A Plan.

priya Chandani, A Software Engineer, And A New Mom Were All Set To Join The Office After Maternity Leave. You Know How Hard It Is To Leave A Child At Home And Go Back To Work. In Order To Make It Easy For Her And Her New Boy, She Had Smartly Involved Her Mother-in-law To Take The Charge So That Her Son Gets Used To His Grandmother. After 2 Weeks Of Joining The Office, The Nationwide Lockdown Was Announced. This Was A Moment Of Happiness Filled With Anxiety. Not Knowing When The Lockdown Would End, She Found A Unique Solution.

"i Was Extremely Happy Working From Home. I Would Get More Time With My Boy. The Problem Was My In-laws Don't Really Understand That Working From Home Is Serious. I Knew Without The Maid I Would Have To Do The Cooking, All The Household Chores, Look After My Baby, And Also Work From Home. My Life Would Have Been Miserable." but What About When Things Return Back To Normal? How Would Priya And The Baby Adjust To This Schedule? 

"not Knowing When I Would Have To Join The Office Again, I Was Afraid That My Baby Would Get Used To Me. It Would Be Hard Again To Leave Him At Home. So, I Started Working In Our Rented Shop Downstairs Which Was Closed Due To Lockdown. I Would Cook Breakfast And Lunch For Everybody As Usual And Would Leave At Office Time. I Would Work In Our Shop And Go Upstairs Only For Lunch And Sometimes To Check My Son. Since My Husband Has No Work From Home, He Was Free. I Asked Him To Look After Our Baby. My In-laws Also Realized That Work From Home Is Real Work. I Still Work From Downstairs. Sometimes It Is Hard Knowing My Son Is Upstairs Or The Family Is Chilling At Home. I Break Some Rules. Who Doesn't? At Least My Life Is In Little Control!", She Says And We Agree. 

3. Work Your Plan With Kids

the Obvious Solution For Me-time These Days Is To Divert The Children Through Mobile Phones. Instead Of Leading The Kids To The Path Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle, Involving Kids In Your Me-time Is Ingenious Parenting. Especially In The Pandemic When There Is No Me-time. vaishali Ingale, A Fulltime Mom To A 3-year-old Boy And 8 Years Old Girl, Knows How To Earn Some Spare Moments While Keeping The Kids Productive. 

"i Am A Yoga Person. My Body Feels Weird If I Don't Stretch. Earlier I Would Do My Yoga During My Children’s Naptime Or School Time. Now There Is No Routine. With No School Or Tuitions, Their Naptime Pattern Is Disrupted. They Started Spending More Time Watching Tv Which Kept Them Awake At Night, Eventually Keeping Me Awake. So, I Cut Short Their Screen Time. I Started Working Out With My Kids. I Thought, Instead Of Tv Or Mobile Games, Doing Fitness Activities Is Always Better For Them. This Allows Me To Do My Yoga Plus The Kids Get Tired And Sleep Early. It Is Really Fun Watching My Kids Learn Those Asanas. It Is Our New Bonding Thing!

4. Stop Spoonfeeding Your Kids

most Parents Tend To Do Tasks For Their Kids. Be It Their Last-minute Homework, Science Project, Or Preparing Rakhi Project. While It's Good To Help Our Kids, Spoon-feeding Also Makes Kids Dependent And Most Of The Time They Are Ungrateful. In The Lockdown, It Could Make Them Lazier.

kanta Patel says, "my Son's Online School Is At 8 In The Morning. There Are Times When He Is Really Stubborn And Doesn't Wake Up. I Am Sure Other Kids Do That. The Flaw Of Online Classes Is That Teachers Don't Understand Who Is Behind The Screen. Most Of My Friends Attend Classes When Their Kids Don't Wake Up. They, Later On, Teach Their Kids. I Don't Believe In This Type Of Parenting. i Don't Want My Son To Be Dependent On Me. I Want My Son To Be Responsible For His Schooling. So, Not Once Did I Log In For Him. Every Day Teachers Ask For Homework Through Scanned Copies Of Their Notebook. Failing To Submit, Teachers Punish The Kids. And I Am Not Ashamed In Front Of Other Parents If My Son Gets Punished. My Son Needs To Learn The Importance Of Punctuality. Whether It's Lockdown Or Not, Being A Parent I Think My Job Is To Make My Son Independent", Says Kanta. And This Way Shee Teaches Him A Valuable Life Lesson.

5. Help Them Reinvent Themselves

having A Goal Or A Dream Is Really Important To Stay Motivated In Life. It Provides Us With A Direction To Lead A Happy Life. The Same Dreams Will Help Your Kids Stay Focused On The Pandemic. Learn This From reva Joshi Who Instilled A New Enthusiasm In Her 9 Years Old Daughter, Veera.

"it Was After June That My Daughter Started Getting Bored At Home. I Knew She Was Missing School. I Suddenly Remembered Reading Something About Goal Setting For Kids. I Thought Let's Try This On Veera, It Might Boost Her Spirit. I Know My Daughter Wants To Be A Fashion Designer. As Soon As I Started Talking About Fashion Designing, Her Face Lightened Up. I Told Her How Preparing For Her Goal From A Small Age Would Make Her Successful. I Suggested How She Could Learn Fashion Designing From Home. We Then Saw A Few Videos Of How To Make Sketches. I Asked Her To Write Down Her Goals And Prepare A Notebook For Drawings Of Dresses She Fantasizes About. I Won't Say That I Am A Motivational Speaker But It Worked. Next Day Veera Had Drawn A Frock Design With Flower Patterns. Instead Of Cartoons, She Now Searches For Techniques Of Sketches On Youtube. She Is So Excited These Days, She Talks About Dresses That She Would Stitch For Me. I Am Happy That Her Energetic Impulse Was Back"

over To You – Do You Have Any Tips On Keeping Kids Disciplined In The Pandemic That I haven’t Covered? I Would Love To Listen To Your Feedback, Your Tips And Personal Experiences- What Worked And What Didn't. Talk To Us In The Comments Below!

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