DIY Activities To Introduce Counting To Toddlers

Teach your child how to count with these simple DIY activities using things that are normally found at home.

Once your little one gets to an age where they can understand things, we as parents normally start with their math classes, even though they actually go to school and learn this much later. How many times have u held up your fingers and asked them to count? That’s totally fine. But as they grow older they need something more engaging for them to keep those numbers interesting. 

We’ve put together DIY activities that are great for a preschooler who is learning how to count. Making it fun and interactive is half the battle won as per me. These activities can be used to teach them counting, addition, subtraction, number recognition and their motor skills as well. It’s up to you how much you want to do with them.

Let’s see how you can develop your child’s love for numbers with these simple DIY counting activities.


Play Dough Flower Mat

This craft activity concentrates on number recognition, counting & addition of numbers. Let your child roll the dice and depending on the number that comes, she creates petals using playdough. Start with one dice and then use two to increase the addition and get higher numbers. Once done, put the foam number in the centre of the flower. Its advisable to let the sticker be on so you can reuse the foam numbers. 

Materials: Stem and leaf drawn on a sheet, playdough, foam sticker numbers and dice.

Number Tree

The Maths tree is a simple activity that teaches kids addition and subtraction while having fun. Making a tree, writing down the numbers are all things ids can help you with before they get down to some learning.

Materials: Coloured Paper – Green, Brown & Yellow, Marker, Red Pom Pom, Glue, Scissors, Pencil, Penknife and 2 Dice

Learn How To Count Using Pegs


Episode 1 : Toddler Activities – Math Activities – Count numbers with cloth pegs

#KSPDIYChallenge: Toddler Alert: A chart paper and a few cloth pegs are all you need to teach your kids the numbers and improve their fine motor skills. Try this activity today!

Posted by Kidsstoppress on Monday, April 2, 2018

This activity helps with gross motor skills and maths skills as well. You can make a craft activity and turn this into a learning activity. Kids always love using scissors to cut things up. Just make sure you use rounded kid-friendly scissors if you ask them to help you.

Materials: Chart Paper cut into numbers and Clothes Pegs

Cup Cake Liner Activity

This is a fun and simple counting activity you can set up for your toddler using cupcake liners, pom poms and tweezers. Begin by writing the numbers in the cupcake liners and have your child put the corresponding number of pompoms in the cupcake liner using tweezers. Works great for improving number recognition, counting and fine motor skills.

Materials: Pompoms, Cupcake liners and Tongs

Ice Cream Stick Counting

Number the toilet rolls from 1 to 10. Have your child drop the corresponding number of ice cream sticks in the toilet paper rolls. As a variation, you could also help the child sort the sticks according to the colours. You could also jumble up the toilet rolls and as your child to arrange them in order. It is a great activity to help your child count out loud, recognize and name numbers.

Materials: Toilet Paper Rolls, Basket, Ice Cream Sticks, Round Paper with numbers on them.

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