DIY Birthday Party Return Gifts That Cost Between Rs 500- Rs 2000


Be the perfect host who gives the coolest return gifts! Here’s how!

1. A DIY Sundae Kit

A box with ice cream cones, sprinkles, chocolates, candies, Oreos, sauce toppings, an ice cream scooper and some containers. All this packaged into a box with an instruction card. Add a sweet thank you card to this. This can cost you anywhere from the range of 850/- to 2000/- depending on the products used.

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2. My Car Kit

This is the best gift for car travelling. Kids get restless in cars while travelling from one place to another and it would be great to have fun toys that would engage them and keep them occupied. In this kit we can club the following: a My Diary notepad, a colouring booklet, riddle/ joke booklet, highlighters, wax crayons, bookmarks, fancy paper clips, A Rubix cube, a puzzler, a storybook and anything more that you would find interesting. This is fun for kids and keeps them busy through the journey. This kit costs from the range of 1000/- to 2500/- again depending on the products used.

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3. Harry Potter Magical Portion

Kids (and most parents) love Harry Potter and the magical spell it leaves on us. Here is an idea choice you can gift, not just for a Harry Potter themed party but also for a regular party. A box with the Marauder’s map, a Harry Potter passport holder, candies with labels as per the theme, eg – stone candies as Bezoar, nuttys as owl droppings, Bertie Bott which are colourful jelly beans, Ferrero Rocher as the golden snitch- the ideas are endless! This kit costs from the range of 1200/- to 2500/- again depending on the products used.

4. Chocolate Factory

One of the most exciting gifts for kids is a bag or box full of candies and chocolates, that can also be given as a hamper in a basket. This can cost from Rs. 1500/- onwards.

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5. Travel kits

Every kid would need a travel kit. This consists of a neck comfort pillow, an eye mask, passport holder, a personal dummy passport, a stamp book, a flag sheet, world map booklet, binoculars, a diary, dummy country currencies, traveller badge, etc. This can cost from Rs.1500/- onwards

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6. Save the World:

Heal the world, make it a better place. A wooden crate with a bird feeder, various grains, birds nest, a sapling in a pot, a canvas bag will assist and create awareness amongst the kids to grow and go green and help birds. This can cost from Rs. 2000/- onwards.

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7. Bean bags:

A utility-based gift that also looks big- bean bags are a great gifting choice. Of course, not too easy carrying them back home after the party! This can cost from 750/- onwards depending on the size and quality.

8. Personalized hamper:

An entire production unit can be installed at the party venue along with an array of designs and colours to select from. The invitees can come and select the color and design/toon they want to print on Tshirts, haversacks, sippers, towels, mugs, etc. All this is done on the spot. This hamper costs from 2000/- onwards.

Besides these, a few of my clients have had demands for rare gifts catered to a smaller group of kids are Alexa, Waveboards, Cycles/Electronic Cars,  Segways, Headphones, Speakers or even Tabs. 

The return gift trend is forever changing and stays in demand. To be different one needs to be creative and have a broader vision to convert a gift into gifts. Without return gifts, a birthday party is never complete, The child will keep saying endless goodbyes to you till he/she is handed over one at the exit. It gets a smile to their faces. And happy kids, happy us!

What has been the most unique return gift you have given or received? Tell us in the comments below! 

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