DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Nature| Sun Catcher | Step By Step

Make your own Christmas decorations with the kids. This simple & gorgeous activity can double up as a sun catcher long after Xmas is over. You’re going to love it. Don’t miss watching it.

Handmade Christmas ornaments give a special touch to every Christmas decoration.

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It’s a lovely family tradition that can be followed with kids for encouraging connection, building precious memories and immerse ourselves in creativity as we celebrate this holiday season with joy and spread the magic of kindness.

I love Christmas and I have a very special love for Suncatchers! So here I am sharing an easy & fun craft for this holiday season using recycled cardboard and nature. 

These nature ornaments are easy to make and look absolutely beautiful! Hang them from your tree and they make pretty sun catchers during the day and look so pretty with Christmas tree lights shining through them at night. 


  • Thin Cardboard / Cardstock Paper
  • Two circular objects to use as templates to draw around (one bigger than the other) or compass
  • Clear Contact Paper (Transparent Self-adhesive sheets)/ broad cello tape
  • Paper Cutting Knife
  • Pressed pieces of nature (Dried flowers / Dry Leaves)
  • Any nature item that is available in your garden / surroundings
  • Scissors
  • Paper Punch
  • Twine
  • Glue Gun

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  • Cut out the cardboard borders.  
  • You can use any circular object with different diameters. 
  •  Cut around the template and cut out the circle in the middle  
  • Cut out the two pieces of each bauble shape and the little topper 
  • Draw a circle using a sketch pen on the contact paper.  
  • Use a cardboard border on top for some precision. 
  • Cut out your contact paper circles. 
  • You will need two circles per ornament.  
  • Now let’s get creative and decorate our nature ornaments.  
  • Place all the materials that you wish to use for decorating your ornaments in one place. 
  • Start putting it one by one on contact paper- sticky side up. 
  • Here we have used a dried leaf & some green leaves from the garden 
  • Sprinkle Epsom salt on it to look like snow 
  • Add some white poster paint to highlight on ground and house for snow effect 
  • Each nature ornament will be a unique version of its own. 
  • Put the pieces of nature are on the sticky side of the contact paper, seal it 
  • Place the sticky side down & gently press so that there is no air trapped in between 
  • Attach the contact paper circles to the cardboard border using a glue gun 
  • Punch a hole in the ornaments and tie a string loop through the hole. 
  • You can decorate them further with a white pen 
  • These ornaments make the perfect holiday gift, keepsake, and/or decoration! 

Here’s what happy parents do to raise happy kids! Sign up to find out!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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