DIY |Origami Bookmark Your Kids Will Enjoy Making!

This DIY is simple, colourful, fun and productive! Try this origami bookmark DIY with your kids today!

The weekend is approaching! Are you running out of ideas for keeping the kids occupied? Well! Here we are to your rescue. We all know that origami is the most entertaining craft technique. It’s interesting and fun and it helps develop their motor skills.

This Japanese paper folding craft is actually an art form since it requires patience, precision and dedication. We have found that it’s also is a great way to improve the gross & fine motor skills of a child.

Today we bring you the origami bookmark!

What Will You Need?

  • Scissors
  • Colourful or designed papers
  • Glue
  • Stickers (optional)

This is the best craft or rather DIY if you are raising a reader. You and your kid can make a bunch of different and colourful bookmarks for all the different books that they have. (Maybe make the same coloured bookmarks for the book it’ll go in!) Sounds like such a fab activity to do together. The possibilities are endless so is the creativity.

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Watch The Entire Video And Make Some Amazing Bookmarks!

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Isn’t it so simple and quick? Do this with your kiddo today and enjoy some fun time with them!

Here Are Some Other Origami Crafts To Try Out!

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Origami Animals:

Send in your bookmark or origami craft photographs or tag us on your social media, we would love to see your artwork! Share this with fellow parents looking for an activity to do for the weekend!

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