Doctor-Approved Homeopathy First Aid Kit For Common Childhood Ailments

Not sure what you should be keeping in your medicine cabinet? A homeopath doctor shares the must-haves medicines!

This past weekend when my kids were down with yet another case of the sniffles, I had had enough. It seemed futile to reach for the same antihistamines and cough syrups time and again. So I figured why not give homoeopathy a chance? If you are looking to forgo chemicals and are looking for something natural then homoeopathy is probably the way to go.

Homoeopathic doctors say that this alternative type of medicine is especially effective for kids because their young bodies are developing. Their nervous systems are just beginning to integrate with the endocrine and immune systems and with various other organ systems. Although the human organism can be incredibly resilient, it can also be very fragile, especially during infancy and that's why homoeopathic medicines are safe for infants.

Does your child lose their appetite after every round of antibiotics? Homoeopathic medicines do not hamper digestion, they work on alleviating immunity all while clearing up chronic ailments. The best part? None of those battles when you administer the medicines! These pills are sweet and no kid ever said no to little balls of sugar! So if you are looking to create your very own homoeopathy first aid kit for everything from cuts and bruises to colds and sore throats then here is how you do it. The following fundamental remedies (available at any health food store) can be used to treat most minor injuries and ailments:

What You Should Have In Your Homeopathy First Aid Kit

For colds, coughs, and fevers Aconitum napellus 200 alleviates common illnesses like colds, coughs, and fevers when taken at the onset of their symptoms.

For external injuries, bruises, cuts etc

  1. Arnica.montana 200 decreases pain and soreness, eases bruising and helps rapid healing in joints and muscles after a fall or injury to the head or limbs.
  2. Calendula aids healing and reduces pain caused by abrasions and cuts. It can be taken in pill form or used to bathe the wound.
  3. Hypercurium perforatum 200 helps treat injuries such as crushed fingers and stubbed toes can be treated with this remedy. It is an excellent painkiller for external injuries.
  4. Rhustox 200 mitigates swelling and pain in injuries, including sports injuries, that respond better to warmth and gentle movement rather than immobility.
  5. Ruta.graveolens 200 eases swelling and pain in tendon or ligament injuries and sprains that worsen with motion. It can be taken along with Arnica.montana 200.
  6. Symphytum treats injuries to the eyeball and bones around the eyes caused by impact from an object.
  7. Silicea 200 works extremely well to push foreign material, such as a splinter, out of the body, and to ripen or drain abscesses.

For insect bites, stings and inflammation

  1. Apis mellifica 200 eases pain and inflammation from bee stings, bug bites, or hives that produce painful eruptions. Pair it with a cold compress for maximum effect.
  2. Cantharis vesicatoria 200 arrests bleeding, stops skin from cracking, and ensures that there is no infection in burns that produce blisters, including sunburns. It is best taken immediately after the burn.
  3. Ledum 200 like Apis.mellifica 200, can also be used to ease pain and inflammation from puncture wounds, including animal and bug bites.

For stomach ailments, gastric trouble etc. Nux.vomica 200 eases gastric ailments and discomfort caused by overeating, eating a very spicy meal, and acidity. (It can be even used to ease a hangover.)

Nosebleeds Phosphorus 200 helps in treating sudden nosebleeds by stopping the bleeding extremely quickly. It can be given every 15 minutes until the bleeding has stopped. Even though these are all basic medicines please do check with your doctor about the dosage. 

These remedies are universal and can be given to both children and adults. They’re very safe for pregnant women to take throughout every stage of pregnancy and even for nursing mothers.

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