Don’t Read More Books With Your Kids- Do This Instead

Ever wondered what they do after finishing books? Is it the end? No, it shouldn’t be like that! Here are some things you should do when you finish a book.

Here’s the process of books and reading that a parent goes through…

  • Scouring through booklists- check. 
  • Get your hold over the best lists of the year- check.
  • Catching the new releases as soon as they hit the market- check. 
  • Loosening your purse strings when it comes to buying new books for kids- double-check. 

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If you have been nodding along to all the above, chances are that you are doing a fab job in raising a child that loves books and the art of reading. But is it really enough? Have you reached the finish line by just stocking up on the books? 

On days when I am tied up at work- I end up screaming at my little girl to ‘just pick up a book and read”. Why is that so difficult I wonder. “Reading will take you places. Reading is the only way to get you to write better and learn your spelling better”, I ask her. 

But do I sit with her when she is reading a book or after she is done? I confess- I don’t do it always. And that’s what I want to work on.

Do Not Only Get Your Child To Read More Books But Add This To It:

Let your child pick a book of his/her choice.
It’s okay to read a book again.
Discuss the book with your child in detail.
What were the words he/she found difficult?
What would he/she do if they were in that situation?
How would the cover be different if they designed it?
What would be the end if they wrote the book?
If you had to share this book story with your friend how would you summarise it?
What did they most love about the book? What did they dislike?
Share with them about a book/magazine newspaper article you are reading so they are equally involved in your lives.
These conversations are far more important than adding one more book to your child’s library or asking them to go on a book marathon. Remember at the end of the holidays it is not about the 40-50 books your child has read. But what he/she learnt from each one of them. This week on KSP Book Club we are recommending – Flora & Ulysses by Kate Di’Camillo.


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