Don’t Say These to A Sleep Deprived New Mom. Ever!

Tips on how to make your child sleep through the night. Yes, 7PM to 7AM is possible with kids at home.

Is it possible for your child to sleep from 7PM to 7AM? This is a question that lingers in every new parent’s mind. While their sleep patterns are erratic, the one thing nobody tells you is that life doesn’t stop. You still have to think of all the meals the family is going to eat, the laundry, work, chores, and more. But don’t you feel we are never given benefit of the doubt when we are functioning in such little sleep? Are we judged because we snap too often?

We often hear moms saying that it takes a village to raise a child. But little did everyone know that sometimes your surrounding can get a little judgemental of how tired you look, of how you haven’t set the right rules in your house for your children, of how your support system is helping you. 

Some of the tips included are:

1. Make sure you wind your children down in a quiet place before they go to sleep. 

2. Stick to a routine

3. Read books to them.

4. White noise and other calming music helps.

P.S If you or your friend need a sleep expert to come on board so you can claim your life back, don’t forget to check out tips and tricks shared by Kerry Bajaj and Dr. Preeti Devnani on how to get your kids to sleep. 


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