Dr. Nihar Parekh | Not Just Covid. Kids At Risk For These Seasonal Illnesses Too

Today, Dr. Nihar Parekh also talks to us about the other illnesses that are presenting themselves this monsoon. Here’s what he mentions to watch out for!

The last two years have been all about COVID-19. It has put all of us at a halt. The first wave wasn't as deadly for children, but kids were infected in the second wave, leaving us confused. With conversations about the third wave, kids falling sick often, long-term side effects, are we ready to send them to school? As parents, if we get an option, are we okay to get them vaccinated? Are we only worried about COVID-19 when many other infections are floating in the air?

Earlier, we spoke to renowned Paediatrician, Dr. Nihar Parekh on protocols after you or your little one is infected with COVID-19 and symptoms kids present when infected

 Today, he also talks to us about the other illnesses that are presenting themselves this monsoon. 

  • He speaks to us about how these viruses also spike up the fever
  • It is also a multi-systemic bug where kids experience a lot of body aches and headaches. 
  • Dengue fever, malaria, Influenza, Swine Flu, RSV viruses, and more are also common. 

PS:  He also talks about vaccinations for kids and schools reopening! Don't forget to watch the entire video!  

The monsoon season has always presented us with many flus and as parents, we are running helter skelter on tips on how to treat them. Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress hosted a webinar with an expert – Dr Vijay Yewale, Consultant Paediatrician, Head Institute of Child Health, Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai. He helped us break down and answer the worries we have concerning the health of our children.   

The pandemic has changed everything. While we are receiving more clarity on how kids are reacting today after being infected by the virus, many parents want schools to jump the gun and open its doors to children. 

Kidsstoppress is planning a webinar with a stellar panel consisting of medical experts, educators, and parents to help throw light on the issue that most parents are discussing. Stay tuned to this space for more on the date and time. 

Last year, there was an uproar about online schools as well – if that is going to be as "effective" for children. Fatema Agarkar, Swati Popat, and Dr. Samir Dalwai got together and spoke about an online school – if it is a boon or a bane. As parents, we were left with very little choice on the matter. We had to accept the new normal and make sure our children don't regress. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we have dropped our guard before the third wave? Are you worried about other viruses this season too? How are you tackling it? Let us know by writing to us on [email protected]

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