Durga-Inspired Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

Each of these names carries a unique essence inspired by the strength, grace, and resilience of the goddess Durga. Must read for new parents & parents to be!
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The name we choose for our child is a significant part of their identity, and it can carry profound meanings and symbolism. For parents seeking to honour strength, courage, and grace, there’s a rich source of inspiration in Hindu mythology.

The Goddess Durga is a symbol of feminine power and resilience and is the protector of the universe and the destroyer of evil forces. Durga Devi is referred to by several names and worshipped with reverence and great fear across India.

We are sharing Durga-inspired names that celebrate these virtues

Aadya – The one who is surpreme

Anwitha – to enlighten or be brilliant

Bhavitha – the future

Deveshi – the chief of all Gods

Isha – Durga – the female energy or the one who protects

Nandini – my daughter

Janani – mother of the universe

Sadhika – achiever

Sharika – the one upon whom the sun shines

Toshani – Goddess Durga, in all her glory

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