Easy Vegetarian Sushi That Even Kids Can Make

Cooking with children is always fun and the best way to bond with them. Here’s a way you can experiment making a vegetarian Asparagus and Mayo sushi. Tune in and find out how to make this Japanese homemade sushi recipe with ingredients you can find in India. 

Cooking is a great way to bond with your children.  Education, self-confidence, and lasting family memories are just some of the benefits that make cooking with kids well worth the extra effort. Simple dishes like this super easy vegetarian sushi or maybe even Maggi… do it together.

It is very important to me that my children evolve from being spoon-fed toddlers to being able to follow a recipe and try different kitchen concepts. There’s no better time than summer to help them take risks and learn new skills in the kitchen. And what’s best is that you won’t have to hear “I am bored” this summer with all the things we have planned for you. 

Tune in and find out the simple 5-step recipe for making vegetarian Asparagus and Mayo sushi. Trust us when we say, it is mess-free and something new and exotic for your children! And if they love it – you can mark it for your meal plan too!

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