Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols Made Out Of Veg Fish Food

This mom-home baker decided not to use any artificial colouring in her food. This is why ( there is a recipe inside too- don’t miss it!)

Every year, we celebrate our favourite festival, and then complain about how we have polluted our seas and oceans. Devotees celebrate Ganpati by immersing idols in the seas and oceans, but not all idols are made with safe materials. These materials are left sunken in the ocean, disrupting the eco-system underwater. Nobody is saying don’t celebrate and don’t indulge in visarjans. But it is important to teach the next generation for opting for more eco-friendly options.

Today, on #FindItOnKSP, Cambay Tiger, a seafood company is doing their bit to keep the ocean clean. They have been commissioned to make vegetarian fish-friendly Ganesh Idols. Now, isn’t this an alternative you would want to consider?

Cambay Tiger Idols. Why You Should Consider Getting These Adorable Ganpati Idols At Home


  • Cambay Tiger has decided to make Ganesh Idols made out of veg fish feed with traditional Shadu (Organic Clay). They will add organic colours to the idols as well. 
  • The Fish Feed used to make the idol is 100% vegetarian. It is a mix of soy protein, Vitamin C, and sandalwood. So don’t worry about the ingredients, parents!
  • Using these idols while immersing in our seas will create awareness about the health of the ocean and most importantly to do our bit to help the ocean, with a flair of festive cheer. 
  • Here’s the cherry on the top – you can pay whatever fits you to buy this idol. Whether you pay Rs. 1 or Rs.10,000 – this money will be used for beach cleanup efforts. 



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