Editor’s Pick: Favourite Educational Apps From The App Store

It’s summer and most of us have been struggling to keep our children entertained at home. How about downloading these apps so you can get some learning done at home?

Summer is here! Holidays are on the go but so is the heat. You don’t want to send them out for a long time but at home, gadgets are the only option? Are you struggling to keep our children entertained at home? At Kidsstoppress, we understand that it can be very overwhelming and time-consuming to research apps that your child is going to learn from and is going to live! 

Scroll down to see a few that we are recommending today and if you want to get an ultimate list that is going to be worth it – sign up for KSP Summer Fun Factory. 

There you will find our recommendations on:

So what are you waiting for? Head to Summer Fun Factory to check out what made it to our curated list. In the meanwhile, we also share with you a sneak peek at some of the latest apps we liked in the education category that our kids will be trying this summer.

Art apps 


Wouldn’t you want your child to think out of the box? Drawnimal motivates children to draw and doodle around. They can learn how to make animals, alphabets and a lot more!

Download here: iOS

 Animatic by Inboard 

Are your children obsessed with animations? Animatic is a fun way to create flip book-like animations. So are you excited to introduce this to your children?

Download here: iOS 

Music apps 

Tongo Music 

Kids will discover the wonderful world of music by listening to stories through animation and audio – narrated by experienced music teachers. The best part is that the app is produced by experienced music teachers. So children of all ages can explore this app even the ones that don’t know how to read notes. You can use this app to invent your music and learn how to play the piano or any other percussion instruments. 

Download here: iOS 

Street Music Academy 

Can you imagine making anything you find at home, even your body parts an instrument? Yes, that does sound interesting. Immerse yourself in a real-life game, where street objects come alive with rhythm and musicality. This app will also teach children how to associate different things with different sounds and it will stimulate coordination and memory.

Download here: iOS 


This app is a fun way for kids to learn how to make music. Isn’t that cool? The kids will create sound sequences with music blocks and cute creatures!

Download here: iOS

Math Apps

Math Ninja AR 

Math Ninja AR is a math learning game for kids. It is a great way to motivate kids to learn and practice math. The game uses various methods to make the math learning practice fun for kids by using fun music, cute adorable characters, the use of augmented reality to capture attention, using card collection as a reward system, and engaging methods!

Download here: iOS 

GeoGebra Augmented Reality

This app includes several examples of 3D math objects that you can place on your table, floor, or any flat surface around you. Guided activities lead you to discover math in the real world by taking screenshots from different perspectives and finding mathematical solutions to what you are looking for. 

Science & Facts 

 Beaker by THIK

Don’t you think the best way of learning scientific experiments is by actually seeing the results? Add in chemicals, heat it, and shake your device to start reactions. Wouldn’t your kids love to see the results? 

Download here: iOS 

WWF Together

Do your kids ask you a lot of questions about the endangered species? Discover their lives through this app! You can take a selfie with each animal, you can play around with them and you can know their story!

Download here: iOS

Everything Machine 

Kids love building things! This app is great because with a simple drag and drop option you can make a kaleidoscope or anything you want!

Download here: iOS

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