Event Alert: Watch Your Kids Make Their Own Pizza And Eat It Too At California Pizza Kitchens!

This is a must attend event this weekend!
If your kids love putting on aprons and coming up with simple secret recipes to surprise you then give them a chance to don the chef’s hat this Sunday. California Pizza Kitchen is now the ultimate go-to place for a fun-filled weekend for Kids Kitchen Tours. Watch your little ones turn into masterchefs as they explore their hidden talent and churn out yummy pizzas for you. Also combine stories with cooking for a success recipe for your kids! The Chefs in California Pizza Kitchen explain to your children how a pizza is made from scratch. They explain each and every step and monitor the young ones even giving them a chef’s hat and apron. Then the pizzas by the little chefs are baked in the oven and kids get to see and relish their final product. The young champs are also awarded with a certification, appreciating their efforts!
Register in advance (Registration fees Rs.400/child) to participate in a special storytelling session on Sunday. This event is for kids from 5-12 years old.
Dr. Tanu Shree Singh is a lecturer of Psychology. When she is not teaching, she is found cataloguing the books at the Reading Raccoons Library, the first crowd-sourced, non-profit Library in Faridabad (Haryana) and catching hold of kids to tell them stories. She is also a member of the Indian chapter of SCBWI and has been writing for various online magazines and forums. Her first love remains helping children find their match on the shelves in the library.
Neha Singh is a theatre actor, drama instructor, author of children’s books and a storyteller. She loves engaging with children through the medium of stories and drama.
Meet children’s author and storyteller Arthi Anand, enjoy her yummy Art’s tales, garnished with songs & trivia.
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