Everything You Want To Know About IB Education

Wondering if the IB curriculum is the right choice for your child? Here’s what you need to know.

Gone are the days when choosing a school for your child was an easy one-minute decision. With today’s changing times, the curriculum and the method of teaching play a huge role in deciding the school your little one must go to. Also, parents need to think a little into the future and plan the curriculum accordingly. 

What kind of universities will your child be interested in applying to when it is time for higher education? How much should you save for their higher education– how are you going to meet the expenses? What kind of skills are necessary for your kids to adapt to each type of curriculum? There are so many schools that offer different environments and the first thing you need to do to choose the right school is to determine what kind of a student your child would like to be and the environment they would likely succeed in. 

We discussed all this and more with Mona Seervai Head of School- MLSI and Consultant at the International Baccalaureate. She explained to our readers all about the IB curriculum, what parents must understand about it- and cleared some of the common doubts and queries parents have with regard to the IB curriculum. For instance- is it useful when you are applying for Indian universities, is it too expensive, can my children cope with it, etc. 

Make sure you tune in to her answers to get a clear understanding of what the IB curriculum is all about. And if you are a Mumbai parent of kids who are about to complete class X or prepping for the same- make sure you attend this event by MLSI on April 2nd that gives you clarity about the IB diploma programme that students need to know after they complete Class X. Click here to know more

Also, scroll down to watch this entire video that will have your questions answered on IB curriculum.



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