Experiential Learning- What Is It & Why Is It So Important For Our Kids?

We asked the experts all about integrating experiential learning in the primary years’ curriculum. Here’s what they said.

Schooling and the education system has undergone a whirlwind change this 2020. We know that this is not permanent, but this is the beginning. Things will resume shortly and kids will start going to schools soon (don't ask me when!). But the schools across the country have done a fantastic job in rising up to the occasion and ensuring children have no learning loss and are conducting classes online. We spoke to some experts earlier on online education and when we asked them how Indian schools are managing it right- here is what they said- click here to watch the video. 

Last Sunday, we told you about this insightful webinar that was organised with a panel of experts on the need for experiential learning in schools. Are we looking at a situation where our tiny tots learn exactly the way we did 3 decades ago? Or are they going to learn to adapt to things differently to help them prepare themselves better for the future

Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress moderated a panel discussion on "Integrating Experiential Learning In The Primary Years' Curriculum" with a stellar panel that included:

  • Ms. Kinnari Shah, Principal, D Y Patil International School, Worli
  • Ms. Fatema Agarkar, Founder, Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE) 
  • Ms. Dolly Thakore, A Veteran Indian Theatre Actress & Casting Director

They discussed at length why our kids in the primary years need a revamp in the teaching methodologies used, how experiential learning comes to play, how theatre can be used as a tool to help kids learn better, all about the New Education Policy and how teachers can incorporate the new changes in their classroom or should we say e-classroom! 

Watch this video to find out the answers to all these questions from the experts themselves.


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