Expert Views: How To Ensure The Right Growth & Development In Kids

What is your primary concern as a parent? We all want the same thing – we all want our kids to be healthy and develop physically and mentally as per their milestones. While we all do our best to ensure that, sometimes what we need is a little guidance from the experts to help us chart that course. 4 experts address concerns related to right growth, right nutrition and right behaviour. Listen to the podcast to know what they shared!

What is your primary concern as a parent? Don’t we all want the same thing? We want our kids to be healthy, develop physically and mentally as per their milestones and remain active and happy- basically #GrowRight.

The guild comprising of actress Lara Dutta, Dr Samir Dalwai, Dr Dharini Krishnan and Dr Mukesh Sanklecha who brainstormed to put together guidelines to help physical, cognitive and mental in children. 

The focus of this panel has been 

Right Growth =  Right Nutrition + Right Playtime + Right Nurturing and Impact on their behaviour.

Dr Mukesh Saknlecha has some very valid points about structured play vs unstructured play for our kids. He stressed the importance of letting our kids be – they will learn how to get along with other kids, learn to play by the rules and pick up skills that structured play doesn’t always allow. Dr Dharini was also very vocal about how parents today opt for convenience foods and tend to leave out nutrient-dense food that is essential for a child’s growth and development.

If you are wondering what else the panel discussed, watch the video! We want to make sure that parents have access to experts and we want to build a community to support each other.

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