Flat Feet In Kids- What Parents Need To Know

In most children flat feet are of no concern. Some kids outgrow it while others don’t. 15% of the population is actually flat footed. So don’t be alarmed if your child is in that category. We asked an expert – Dr Prashanth Inna, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Manipal Hospital to break it down for us. Must listen to him.

So if your child is flat-footed you should not be alarmed or upset. Every child has their own growth & development – whether it’s their walking milestones or how tall they grow. Each comes with its own genetic makeup.

Flat feet are feet that do not have an arch. The middle of the foot touches the ground. Most babies and toddlers have flat feet. As they grow, an arch usually develops. But in some people, the arch doesn’t form.

Dr Prasanth Inna is a paediatric orthosurgeon with Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru and he breaks it down for us. He also tells us that 15 % of the adult population is actually flat-footed! Now that is quite a significant number of people dealing with this condition.

In this video, he talks to us about

  • What is considered normal when it comes to flat feet?
  • Do flat feet hamper your child’s development?
  • What to do if your feet hurt?

If you want answers to these questions, then you need to rely on an expert. Watch the full YouTube video here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay connected.


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