Forgotten How To Prep For School Snacks As Kids Head Back To School?

Wondering how will you prep everything & get the kids out in time for school once it opens? This can help.

Things seem to be looking up compared to what they were a few weeks ago. In some states, the opening of schools has been announced. Do you remember the time when the kids went to school & you had to do the following

  • Pack their bags at night
  • Wake them up early & have them out of the house on time
  • Pack tiffin, lunch & a snack
  • Make breakfast

And of course, all the other chores that are part & parcel of our lives.

Are you asking yourself – HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT ALL? 

Stay on top of your kid’s lunches by using a weekly meal plan, so that you have time to make healthy school snacks for them and avoid all the nasty junk food and processed food that so many children eat these days.

One thing is that before they head back you need to get them settled into a daily routine that will make the early morning easier for your kids. We have a few ideas that can help

For you Mamas, the all-new KSP Meal Plan Subscription is going to become your go-to solution when you need help. In order for your day to go smoothly, you need the #KSPMealPlan.

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The all-new KSP Meal Plan Subscription programme is aimed at simplifying things for you. With this plan you get 

* A weekly meal plan with 30 ideas

* A weekly grocery list with seasonal food ideas

* Recipe of the Week before anyone else

* Tips and hacks from around the food world

* A FREE gift hamper filled with goodies that your family will love!

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We put together yummy recipes so you can prep for your child’s back-to-school dabba

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Carrot Zucchini Fritters

Potato pumpkin burgers, pancakes. Studio Photo

Chocolate Truffles

Spaghetti Muffins


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