Founder of Aria Nica Shoes On The Huge Growth In Her Venture + What Shoes Indian Kids Really Like

On this episode of Keep It Real, we chat with Aastha Mahtani on the reason behind the extraordinary growth of her company in a little over a year, why making shoes for young Indian soles means changing their entire mindset and why the shoe business is so region based.

If you think and believe that shoes are what makes an outfit, then you have definitely shopped around for the perfect pair of shoes. As parents we know our kids need just the right pair of shoes to complete their outfit, but I often find it so difficult to find shoes that are comfortable, within budget, and supportive of my child's growing bones. 

On this episode of Keep it Real, we chat with Aastha Mahtani on her venture, Aria-Nica and its extraordinary rise and growth in little over a year, so much so that Aria-Nica even won a KSP Awards 2017! She speaks about her family history and expertise making shoes and why she started a company that focussed exclusively on making shoes for kids. We also speak about something rather interesting – about how the business of shoes isn't national, but very regional. Taste differ from region to region and you will be surprised at the facts she states!

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So tune in now and make sure to send us your comments on what you think about Season 2 of Keep It Real. 



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