Founder Of CooCoo On Finding A Niche To Create A Business + Is Having A Business Partner Important?

Pallavi Swadi of CooCoo sits down for a candid chat on KSP’s Keep It Real where she talks about her venture, the niche she feels her company fits in and even whether having a business partner is a good idea or not!

As moms solving problems comes naturally to us and when it comes to our kids we are always trying to provide them with the best that we can in the best possible way. When we sat down to talk to Pallavi Swadi of CooCoo, a children's label, she immediately spoke about how she came up with the idea for her venture. Pallavi says she was tired of sourcing clothes for daughter from abroad and felt there was a huge market in India for girl's clothing in designs and syles that people were not able to get and were sourcing from the US. She goes on to talk at length about just how important it is to find a niche before you start a venture. 

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Keep It Real brings forward not just the entrepreneurial venture but also talks about the mom behind the venture juggling both family and career — how does she do it? 

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Tune in to this episode of Keep It Real for tips, tricks and fun tid-bits from Mompreneur Pallavi Swadi as she talks about CooCoo's origin, where it is right now and where she plans to take it in the near future. 

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clothing reveals how important it is to not just follow the crowds but actually find a niche if you are looking to start a business. On our latest episode of Keep it Real we chat about mompreneurs, having a second child, and even if having a partner is important for your business or not!

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