I Was Bullied For Being Fat | Fitness Coach Jitendra Chouksey aka JC Fittr

Jitendra Chouksey or JC Fittr as he is also know – his story begins with a turning point, a moment when he decided to take charge of his health. He shares his initial struggles and the motivation that pushed him to embark on this life-altering path. Must watch interview

There are stories that inspire and empower us to believe that transformation is possible, no matter where we start. The remarkable journey of Jitendra Chouksey aka JC Fittr from flab to fab, is one such story. With determination and dedication, Jitendra not only shed excess weight but also transformed his entire lifestyle.

His humble background and lack of adequate resources did not stop this man from achieving what he set out to do. His father was a farmer and there were days when he lived in a hostel and ate spoilt food.

JC as he is called by everyone was bullied in school for being obese. He says he thought he was fat and ugly and the constant bullying egged him on and made him change his life and his body.

In this exclusive interview, Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress.com and Jitendra Chouksey chat about

  • His family background when he was growing up
  • What fitness means to him
  • How his family – his daughter & wife – are a part of his fitness lifestyle
  • How women should deal with weight gain postpartum
  • Can kids (15-16 year olds) weigh train?

and so much more!

Watch the full video to get all your answers about how you can go from fat to fit the right way! Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss a new video alert.

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