From One Blog To Penning My Book. An Entrepreneurial Journey You Must Listen To

On this interesting podcast with Sanjeet Ray, Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress recollects what prompted her to start India’s #1 discovery platform for parents and kids and what it actually means by #SimplifyingParenting in this complex era. Tune in to know her tips and tricks to set a mark on the entrepreneurial world.

Our first blog was 8 years ago and today has various verticals like – KSP Summer Fun Factory, Discovery, Parenting advice, Courses for digital entrepreneurs, What to do, Where to go, Courses for kids, Meal plans, Podcasts, Expert advice, and more. So how did Mansi Zaveri transform this business? Was it easy? Is she a super mom/entrepreneur? Didn't she fail?

One thing Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kisdstoppress mentions is that she is no super mom or superhuman. "I only have 24 hours, I just pen down my priorities". That's what got us thinking and we would love to share with you very simple hacks that have helped her through this journey, even when she faced many failures. She speaks to us about her strengths, how she manages home and the team, biohacking, and the most important – How to be real on Instagram. 

Listen to the entire podcast and listen to the journey and we hope you get inspired! 

Key takeaways from this podcast:

11.03 – How Mansi Zaveri drives herself

13.03 – Failures – Why it is important

15.48 – KSP Community & Awards

17.45 – How to keep it real on social platforms

19.53– The 10 year dream for

21.21 – The biggest strength and failure for kidsstoppress

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