Frozen 2 Exclusive: An Indian Parent’s Review

Here’s why we are crushing over the Frozen 2 movie that’s hitting the theatres this Friday

The long-awaited sequel to the hit animated series from 2013 Frozen is finally here. Frozen 2 is all set to release in theatres on 22nd November 2019. At a special screening, Kidsstoppress got to see this epic movie first hand and we just had to tell you why you should be heading to the theatres this weekend.

The sequel, Frozen 2, starts a few years ahead of where the first movie ended where Elsa is having flashbacks about her childhood when her parents King Agnarr and Queen Iduna would tell Anna and her bedtime stories. She hears a voice calling her and this prompts her to take a journey to discover what secrets the past holds for her and confront them. So along with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, from the previous movie she ventures beyond Arendelle to the edge of an Enchanted Forest with untold mysteries and dangers.

What We Loved About The Movie

Sibling Love and Sacrifice

In the previous movie, Elsa and Anna spent the most part of it apart. In this movie, they are mostly together helping and supporting each other. Of course like any sibling, there are periods of arguing and the inevitable clashes but they power through. Isn’t that what sibling love is all about? Fight, argue but have each other’s back when it matters the most. The sibling bond is always the strongest and that’s what family is all about. They have showcased the pure love and friendship between sisters in this movie very well.

For A More Mature Audience

The characters in the movie have also grown in the six years since the first movie came out. So its a more mature movie dealing with heavier themes. This movie is about confronting the truth about the past and rectifying past wrongdoings and realizing that people can change. Elsa learns to trust her gut and her magical powers. Trusting your instincts is what helps you make the right choices and propels you forward when you most need to.

Team Work

Working together as a team is so important. You cannot do everything on your own and thinking that you can, can land you in a situation you may not be able to handle. Elsa realizes that on her quest and its the support and strength of her team that helps her through this obviously painful search for the truth. 

Change Is Good

Frozen 2 is about change, and change isn’t a bad thing. Your kids will still see their independent Disney princesses – Anna and Elsa, their lovable Olaf and Kristoff in a whole new light – an awesome, rock star sensitive new light. Olaf does manage to steal the show from time to time with his entertaining antics. The movie lets you experience this journey with the different characters as they are on their path to self-discovery. Aren’t we all on a similar path? 

Into The Unknown

When anyone mentioned the ord Frozen, instantly the record-breaking song ‘ Let it go’ starts playing in one’s mind. So this movie has a lot of songs. A bit too many we think actually. But ‘Into The Unknown‘ is one of the tracks that has the potential to be the next ‘Let it go’. We’ll have to wait and watch though. But the picturization of the music is incredibly captivating.

Animation Effects

The vibrant colours combined with photo-realistic 3D visuals have created quite a spectacle. Minor details are noticeable as they enhance the essence of each character. One of the things that stood out – among the fantastical new creatures introduced in the film are the Earth Giants, living beings made out of a rock, a Wind Spirit named Gale, a Water Spirit called Nokk, and a salamander named Bruni. The Nokk is a character that is spectacular, majestic and truly stands out amongst the others.  

All in all, the suspense was a little overwhelming, confusing and in parts scary for the younger kids. There are so scenes of darkness and battle which may upset them so be prepared. So it’s not as magical or dreamy as the first part but its still worth a watch for sure. 

Kidsstoppress is organizing an exclusive screening of Frozen 2 at PVR Phoenix, Mumbai on Sunday, 24th November 2019. So if you want to be a part of it click here to register. Make sure you don’t ‘LET IT GO’! 

If you missed the trailer you can watch it here. And don’t forget to book your tickets for the movie this weekend! 


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