Games & Educational Toys That Boost Better Brain Activity (Age: 2 years+)

Author : Rushita Sheth
a brand that touches all developments through workbooks and play. Do check it out since this is the best way to fill in the gaps at home when there is learning loss in the pandemic, especially in the summer.

Being stuck indoors means an increase in screen-time. As parents, we are very worried about our children and the learning loss, especially for the younger children. How are we engaging with them? How are we working on all the developments, especially for our pre-schoolers?

Yes, this is a point of concern. On Find it on KSP Today, we are going to recommend a brand that touches all developments through workbooks and play. ilearnngrow Games are a perfect way to learn and play – a method parents can easily adapt to at home. Scroll down to know more. 

What ilearnngrow Games?

ilearnngrow has games and toys that not only are fun but help kids develop cognitive skills, problem-solving ability making their mind sharper. It is the brainchild of Ritu Kukreja & Reenu Kedia  and their vision is to help kids reduce the screen time but keep the fun alive 

What will I find at ilearngrow Games?

  • You can find products in a wide range like blackboards, board games, magnetic reward charts, home calendars, learning kits, playmats, sudokus, and wooden games. Pick your child’s favourite – and he/she will be engaged for hours. 
  • All these games/educational toys touch upon various skills like cognitive skills, physical fitness, imagination, creativity, and motor skills. This explores all the skills that a school principal mentioned in an education webinar with on how parents can fill in the gaps at home.
  • Parents are always struggling to find ways to make Hindi interesting for their kids. The ilearnngrow kit has does just that. Their Hindi kit makes learning the language actually a lot of fun.
  • There is a board game for every age from – from 1.5 – 10+ years. Since everyone is stuck indoors, you can enjoy a game with the family and spread positive vibes through fun and play – rather than watching the news all the time. 
  • As most of us are resorting to homeschooling so there is no learning loss at home – ilearnngrow has many homeschooling kits that could aid you through the process. 

P.S They make great return gifts as well! 

Don’t forget to check out their extensive list and add it to the cart!

Age group: 1.5 – 10+ years
Price: Starting from Rs. 399 
Instagram: ilearnngrow Games
Website: ilearnngrow Games

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