Games That Kids & Adults Will Love Playing (It’s Educational Too)

We are crushing over these games by Trunk Works that will stimulate your child when you are stuck indoors. Do check them out.

Stuck indoors? Do kids need to be engaged all the time? Now, with the monsoons, the occasional biking in your colony will also have to stop. It has been hard to manage their meltdowns, but lack of stimulation, meeting no friends, no structured family time can make them feel negative. 

My family and I have always spent Sunday afternoons with some board games. We bond well, it teaches the children the concept of failure and teaches concepts in a fun way. Today on Find It On KSP, we are crushing over these games by Trunk Works. You'd want to add it to the cart right away. Scroll Down.

What is Trunk Works

Trunk Works has a variety of learning-based games and activities that stimulate a child's growth through curiosity and engagement. Games are designed around a skill-set for wholesome family fun. 

Here's More…

  • Don’t forget to exercise your brain along with these games. There is a wide variety from which you can pick from like the Memory Game, Alphabet Flip, Playing Cards, Storytime, Wiggle, and Giggle (a large motor skill game), more. 
  • Introducing games, especially memory games is very important because it improves brain functions, such as attention, concentration, and focus. This memory game is in playing cards format, making it fun while working on their visual recognition. 
  • Phonics has been a tough concept to teach children, especially in the pandemic. How about creating a fun game out of it? This flip game will help the kids recognize letters, the words that belong with the letters while focusing on their memory. You can say goodbye to boring worksheets to teach phonics now. 
  • The large motor games will work on your child's reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and visual discrimination, large motor skills, understanding of concepts, and more. 
  • The games are designed to be a double deck of cards, hence very child and travel friendly.
  • The best part is that all the games are designed for varied age groups to play – not only limited to children
  • Get access to free printables that will keep the kids engaged for hours at home. 

Age group: 2 years onwards 

Price: Starting from Rs. 299

Where to buy: Trunk Works

Instagram: Trunk Works

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