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If you are a parent, considering audiobooks for your kids- here is my advice- go for it! You will love it as much as they do! Here’s the app that you need to try as a family if you are falling in love with audiobooks and e-books.

What does your ideal storytime with kids look like? Remember how we used to have it as kids?

Our grandmothers used to sit us down and narrate a story in all its glory with different voices, modulation and we used to sit for hours awestruck. Cut to the present scenario- and our kids now watch a cartoon series or the movie before they read a book. Not the ideal route, don’t you agree?

We know, as a parent, that the best way to get your kids to love reading is to expose them to a world of books. And once they choose what they want- the idea is to get them hooked on to the story- by means of narration in English or even one’s mother tongue and when we know we have their attention- we can read out the book with the little book worms. 

Learning, as we know, is of three types- auditory, kinesthetic and visual. While we get our kids to sleep, drive them to classes in traffic-ridden routes or just any other quiet time in the day- auditory learning helps best. But how and why?

  • Audiobooks help work on your child’s pronunciation and modulation- thereby building their vocabulary.
  • Visual support is great- but when kids are tuned to listen to stories, their imagination knows no limits. Admit it- we’ve all made a sketch of the BFG or Peter Pan on our minds long before we saw how they actually looked, right?!

As a big fan of audiobooks myself, I can’t recommend it enough for my kids to get them to fall in love with books too! If you are a parent, considering audiobooks for your kids– here is my advice- go for it! You will love it as much as they do! Here’s the app that you need to try as a family if you are falling in love with audiobooks and e-books. Read more about it on our #FindItOnKSP series.

About Storytel: 

Storytel is a streaming subscription service that houses more than 1 lakh audiobooks and e-books and around 6000+ books for children! Now you will never fall short of good books for your family! A global audiobook leader with a major presence in Europe, Storytel is making inroads and winning the hearts of the Indian market. In what started primarily as an audiobook streaming service, they also boast of a huge collection of e-books for bookworms.

What can I find here: 

From kids to adults, there is a lot for everyone to read and listen to here, at Storytel. With books under different genres such as Classics, Fiction, History, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction, Thrillers and lots more, we hear that Storytel adds about 100 books to their collection every month. And as a Kidsstoppress reader- here is how you can access your 30-day FREE trial. 

Why will every parent find it useful: 

As a parent, their wide variety of regional and International books for kids is what I loved the best. Whether you are planning a travel with the kids or you want them to unwind and relax with a good story, their collection of audiobooks and e-books caters to kids from toddlers to tweens.

From Roald Dahl to Champak, from Peppa Pig to Heidi, you get the best of kids reads here.

You can adjust the audio speed to help kids of different ages and also set a sleep timer- a feature that is common among most streaming services. Handing over the phone or tab to your kids when driving? Here’s the good news. With the Kids Mode-, where you can set a password, Storytel presents children’s books under a filter that comes with a pin, and kids will receive recommendations and a customised bookshelf based on their reads and not anything else that is random and unsuitable for their age. 

What Kidsstoppress loved about this app: 

  • What I loved best was the automatic sync feature between audiobooks and e-books. Say you want to continue a book that you were listening to, the e-book version (if it is available for that title), opens up in the exact line to help the reader continue seamlessly. 
  • Not just novels, they also have short stories, poems and other series for book addicts that makes this a preferred app on your phone or tab. 
  • The part I liked best- they are available on iOS, Android and Windows. So, if you would not want your kids to stare at your phone or tab for long, just download it on your Windows desktop, and they can read or listen to it for hours. 
  • Dreading flight travel with kids? Act smart- download their favourite books beforehand, and listen to them seamlessly even when your phone is in the flight mode. 
  • Also, with Storytel Originals, you get access to some of the best short series made in-house at Storytel. And with any plan you choose, the number of titles you are entitled to are unlimited! Bookaholics- isn’t that what you always wanted?!

I want it now! 

Click here to access your 30-day free trial as a Kidsstoppress reader! 


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Recurring subscription plan: Monthly Rs 299 (free trial for 14 days) 

Non-recurring subscription plan: Monthly Rs 299 and 3-month plan at Rs 897

And the best part- there is no limit on the number of books you can read or listen to! 

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This post is written in association with Storytel. 

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