Get This Special Notebook & You Don’t Have To Buy Another One, For Ever!

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There is something special about stationery that gets me all excited. As much as we are all a part of the digital revolution, the feeling of using some amazing stationery to jot down what’s in your mind is irreplaceable. And that love, I would want to pass on to my child as well. My little girl enjoys writing and doodling and day after day, she keeps exhausting books and papers I give her! On one hand am happy, that she is spending her time in a useful way, but on the other, it really is cumbersome to keep running to the store to buy new ones.

We did get her a whiteboard, but that proves useful only when you are at home, not when you are travelling or off visiting others. And to be honest, as a person who loves taking notes of anything interesting I read, to revisit them later at the end of the day, my house was getting flooded with books and sheets that the two of us kept using.

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What is Forever Notebook?

This new release by Cupik Designs is what every parent would love to gift their kids- a notebook that you can use forever! Combining the ease of a whiteboard, but hardbound and usable just like any notebook, the Forever Notebook is here to stay!

What is special about this?

  • The fact that you would need another notebook to just record your day-in-day-out thoughts is what makes this Forever Notebook special! Just use it like a regular notebook and once the book (comes with 20 A5 pages) is complete, you could just a damp tissue or a cloth to wipe it clean and start all over again!
  • The best part is each book can be personalised and there are amazing new designs to choose from- based on your mood and style of writing.
  • Also, with this reusable and eco-friendly purchase, you sure know you aren’t dumping truckloads of paper and used books down the garbage and wasting precious paper.
  • So what happens if you lose the pen that comes with this or it dries up? Fret not, these Staedtler correctable pens or whiteboard pens are easily available in every stationery store or online on Amazon as well.

Cost: The package with 1 personalised Forever notebook, 1 correctable pen, 1 pen holder costs Rs. 1399 (inclusive of shipping)

Where to buy: You can get your Forever Notebook at

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