Get Your Kids To Enjoy Holi Just The Way You Did With This Book

On KSP Book Club, this week, we have something that will make your li’l one understand the festival kids love the most – Holi! Read this interactive fun book and talk to your children about the upcoming festivities!

On KSP Book Club, this week, we have something that will make your li'l one understand the festival that kids love the most – Holi! During the festivities, children always have a lot of questions on why we celebrate some days and the story of all the Gods. And frankly, I run out of answers or a logical explanation! (Happens with you too?!)

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About the book:

The book we are talking about today is Why Holi by Riyanka Khanna. Everyone loves playing Holi and this is the only day children get the freedom to spray paint everywhere they go. But how many of us really know why we celebrate this day? This is exactly what the book, 'Why Holi' tries to answer. A demon king, Hirajakashyap tries to kill his own son, Lord Vishnu because he wouldn't bend his knees – but how does this story have any relevance? Read the book and find out. 

This book is a part of the 'Why Series' and these books are for children to know why we celebrate certain occasions like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Independence Day in a very positive way. These books are a great way to bring mythologies in their lives from an early stage. The book has child-friendly smiley characters and cute illustrations that help children understand the story behind all the traditions. Through this story, we can introduce values such as respect for parents, loyalty and can develop a 'can do' attitude in them. 

What's different is that this book aims to tell the story in a fun, positive and rhythmic way to educate them the reason behind the festival. What's cool is that they have embossed certain pages to make it a fun interactive touch and feel book as well!


We introduce Christmas, Halloween and many other fun holidays to our child but sometimes we forget to talk about our own festivals and the relevance of it! Read this book and I'm sure you will the 'Why Series' – because the narrative style of mythology is simple and child-friendly!

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