Ghee: Here’s Why You Need To Include It In Your Diet

Ghee or clarified butter in jar and wooden spoon on wooden table

“Fat gives things flavor.” – Julia Child

I think she must have tasted our famous desi ghee gajjar ka halwa! Ghee has been part of  Indian staple cooking for centuries and our grandparents couldn’t stop extolling the virtues of ghee, especially in winter.

Ghee has its roots in the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, where it was considered a sacred, medicinal and nourishing food. From treating burns and ulcers to keeping your skin healthy, ghee has a plethora of health benefits.

Unfortunately in today’s world where everything needs to be fat-free to be healthy, ghee – the golden elixir- is struggling to prove that our bodies need the good fat it contains.


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Benefits Of Adding Ghee To Your Meals

  • Ghee is considered a superfood rich in fat-soluble Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. 
  • This saturated fat has a smoking point of 450° F making it safer than butter, peanut oil, soyabean oil and vegetable oil.
  • It’s also lactose-free making it an alternative for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Ghee is rich in butyric acid which helps the gut and the immune system.

Interestingly modern science has found that eating fatty food also stimulates the release of oxytocin in the brain, which is why we feel relaxed and comforted by fatty foods, and why good fats are considered an essential postpartum food.

Ghee For New Moms

In India, postnatal care for mothers hinges on eating food laden with ghee. Ghee is excellent for nourishing and rehydrating your body and helps increase lactation. It also helps prevent that strung out tired feeling post-pregnancy. Ghee helps with the secretion of gastric acid, thereby aiding in better digestion. This is extremely important for breastfeeding mothers.

New moms are asked to eat harira, kheerpanjiri, pinni and gondh ke ladoo – all made with ghee. You don’t have to have copious amounts of these foods, but they are rich and nutrient-laden so don’t skip them as it helps your body get its strength back. Jaggery/gur mixed with ghee is another favourite on the postnatal care menu. 

Ghee For Children

In addition to all the points mentioned above, ghee has some great benefits for kids. You can start adding a little bit of ghee to your baby’s food once they turn 6 months old.

  • Ghee is beneficial for the nerves and brain. It has the essential Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids both of which are essential in the overall development of the child.
  • Ghee also helps with digestion because it helps secrete stomach acids that aid in digestion.
  • For young children, you could also use ghee as a natural moisturiser. Dab a little on the lips to prevent chapped lips in winter.

The festive season means everyone has started craving something rich and sweet – comfort food we call it!. The ghee has been ordered and soon the smell of fresh besan ki barfitil ladoo, moong dal ka halwa, churma ladooand pinni will be wafting through our houses. These sweets are made with ingredients like ghee, sesame seeds and dry fruits which are healthy and nutrition-packed.

Ghee was once thought to be unhealthy because it is saturated fat. However, research has revealed that all fats are not unhealthy and that our body needs fat to sustain itself. Dietary fats are essential to give our body energy, protect our organs and give us warmth. 

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We’ve included a few recipes for you so that you can make sure your family gets their daily dose of ghee in different ways.

Oats & Cranberry Chikki

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Spinach Adai

Haldi Doodh/Golden Latte

Sesame Balls/Til Ladoo

Dalia Upma

Methi Ladoo

Tomato Shorba

Bajra Churma

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