Gopika Kapoor | Coming Out Of The Closet About Her Child With Autism Made It Easier

Gopika Kapoor a therapist at Ummeed Child Development Foundation and a mom to a differently-abled child and she narrates the story of how the family is coping and what positive changes they have made in their life. . She writes her book, #BeyondTheBlue, and pens down all her experiences so that parents feel in unison with society and don’t think it is taboo to talk about their experiences. Tune in and find out what she has to say.

When you are pregnant, you have lots of dreams for your child. It almost becomes reality. But we forget that every parent and every child has a path they are destined with. It doesn't mean that it isn't right. It doesn't mean you have to ask yourself why. Over the years, we have spoken to many parents who are raising differently-abled children. While some took some time to accept reality, others embraced it and are enjoying motherhood to the fullest. That's when we stopped and wondered, wouldn't it be best if there was a community who spoke about this so no parent would feel, "why me?".

From moms who adopted a Down Syndrome child to a mom who has shared her experiences as a family through a book – we salute all kinds of mom. We agree it is a tough journey. Sharing it just makes it easier for everyone else.

We spoke to Gopika Kapoor:

  • She shares real experiences and journey with her family who is raising a child with Autism 
  • How she started her journey with her child thinking why me. And how over time, she changed the narrative at home and started enjoying her child. 
  • How we should avoid comparing your firstborn to your second one. 
  • Dietary restrictions for her child with Autism. 
  • The story of her family's journey with autism. 

Where to buy the book: Beyond The Blue

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