Grandma Approved Seed Is Now A Superfood – High In Fibre & Copper (Recipes Included)

Buckwheat or kuttu has been around for ages. Besides including it in the regular Navratri food, most people don’t know what to make with it. These 2 protein-rich breakfast recipes are a tasty addition to your meal plan.

Buckwheat is a grain that has always been a part of our culture aka kuttu.  It is one of those nutritious superfoods that are local to the northern part of India. It has now got a makeover and taken an avatar in the form of this new health food. Actually, it is not a grain but a seed.

Some of the health benefits of buckwheat include

  • Good source of high-quality protein
  • Gluten-free
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Rich is manganese and copper

With all the benefits that this wonder seed has to offer, I wonder why its normally used around Navratris mostly. We can use it to make rotis, pooris, pancakes etc. Babies can be given buckwheat after then turn 8 months old.

I have 2 breakfast recipes using buckwheat that can also double up as desserts if you sweeten them generously. Give them a go and tell us how your family enjoyed this superfood.

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