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It is important for me to invest in the ingredients we eat – Chef Chinu Vaze

As we are on lockdown, all of us worry if are raising our children and ensuring strong immunity for the entire family. Food habits can’t change overnight, but they have to be inculcated from the very beginning. So, don’t you think you want your child to learn the importance of eating right, healthy, local, and seasonal at a very young age? First up – you should always know that children always imitate what their parents believe in. So you want to start this young and keep these healthy habits for the entire family. 

So we hear parents are always looking for healthier swaps, avoiding sugar, ensuring ghee is a big part of everyone’s life and Chef Chinu Vaze couldn’t agree more!

Chef Chinu Vaze about the importance of organic vegetables, about healthy recipes for children, about how to store grains for a longer time, sugar replacements, grandmom food hacks, and more!


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