Guide To Healthy Living And Weight Loss For Families

Sometimes, it is very tough to go back to our routine after being a parent. How about committing and promising yourself that you are going to stay fit and healthy? Here’s what your plan should look like. Sign up for #KSPMomChallange!

Sometimes, it is very tough to go back to our routine after being a parent and the festive season makes it even tougher. New moms struggle to shed the weight while other parents struggle to strike to have that perfect balance between the baby and themselves. Ever wondered why? We often talk about how it is extremely important to take care of ourselves, then why do we fall in a rut and ignore being who we were before. Yes, it is time to think about yourself and stay fit and healthy.

At KSP, we are always looking out for your well-being and your babies. We try simplifying parenting for you. We understand the chaos, we understand the priorities and hence we try to give you everything under one roof. From KSP Meal Plans to KSP Book Clubs – we have it all figured out. All you need to do is SIGN UP. 

Common excuses around being fit & healthy :

1. Can't leave the baby alone:

You will find yourself complaining that there is nobody to watch the baby. How about home workouts that are quick and effective! There are many types of equipment that can help us during a home workout too


2. Cannot cook separate diet meal plans for yourself

Struggling to get a different meal plan for everyone at home? You don't need to do that now! You can get your hands on the #KSPMealPlan and we suggest balanced healthy meal plans for the week! 


3. Need inspiration 


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We are constantly thinking about weight loss and fitness but we don't get inspired enough. We need that one inspiration that is going to change our lives and make us believe that yes, we can wear many hats and still stay fit!


4. Confused which diet works best

This is an era of all sorts of fads. Either people are on a gluten-free diet, vegan diet, intermittent fasting, keto – but we will never know what works best for us until we give it a try!


5. Exercises that are effective


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We have curated exercises that work best on your core, lower body and upper! All you need do is give these exercises a try at home or at the gym and see what works best for you. 

If you have a query or if you want to set of exercises, do Inbox us and we will help you out! Sign up for #KSPMomChallenge and set a goal with us!

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