Hair Care For Pregnant Women I Dr Rashmi Shetty

Your body goes through a complete change when you are pregnant. If you are wondering how to take care of your hair when you are pregnant and prevent extensive hair fall then Dr Rashmi Shetty, dermatologist to the stars, shares her tips!

Pregnancy can outsmart the most composed of us. Why? Because there is a surge of hormones that hit you and you just can't seem to keep up with all the changes that happen to you on a daily basis. So things you take for granted, your skin, your hair take on a life of their own during pregnancy. 

When I was pregnant my otherwise poker straight hair suddenly started being wavy and I have heard even crazier things to happen. Add to all this, the seasonal changes don't help much either. So we spoke to Dr Rashmi Shetty, dermatologist to the stars to find out the proper care routine for hair when you are pregnant and during the first few post partum months. 

Dr Rashmi Shetty is a regular on Kidsstoppress and has answered 33 quick Qs on hair and skin care, told us how to care for our hair during the tough monsoon months and given us tried and tested tips on how to take care of dry hair in the winter. 

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