Hairfall Or Scalp Issues? This DIY Hair Rinse Should Do The Trick!

If you are dealing with hair fall or have a scalp condition and are looking for a home remedy, you should check out these tips by @ the_skin_care_journal .

Hair loss and scalp conditions especially when the weather starts changing can be disastrous for some. Ask me! From decent hair a few months ago – my hair has taken on a new look – dry and dull and that's when I am not losing it in clumps.

So when I came across this DIY hair rinse by @ the_skin_care_journal I felt I had to check it out and share it with everyone out there who is dealing with this kind of condition. She has given natural hair rinse options that can help remedy hair loss and scalp conditions. 

What is a Hair Rinse?


Ok, so I want to try this hair rinse out. But do I do it after my shampoo? Do I rinse my hair with the solution and then wash my hair again? I am sure you have similar questions.

For her suggestions and tips, you can check out the post below. 

Also, if you are looking for skincare advice then you should watch our interview with Vogue Beauty Expert Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta. She talks to us about frizzy hair and ageing skin remedies.

She also explained how we should go about our morning and night skincare routine.

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