Halloween Apps That Aren’t Scary For Your Kids

These not-so-scary apps are perfect to download to get your kids into the ‘trick or treat’ mode this Halloween!

We are all geared up for Halloween early next week, and with loads of fun events to go to, delicious treats to dig into and crafts that kids will love- the kids are in the spooky mood already!

With Halloween as its core, there are some wonderful apps that are available in the market- some games, some stories and lots of fun things to do. But you sure wouldn’t want to hand over your li’l ones a Halloween app that leaves them all scared and petrified, right? From toddlers to older children, here is a collection of the 5 best, not-so-scary and fun+engaging, Halloween apps. Download them now!

Halloween WordSearch

halloween apps

About the app: Your kids can know more about Halloween with this exciting word game. Just touch and trace the word, and if you get it right- you will hear a spooky soundtrack! Try out this game and help build your child’s motor skills and vocabulary!

Age group: 8+

Download: iOS 

Peekaboo Trick Or Treat With Ed Emberley

halloween apps

About the app: This app, curated for your toddlers, introduces them to the world of Halloween without scaring them, though! This app doesn’t need the internet, so if you are travelling with the little ones, this is ideal. Through the specially designed sound effects, the kids will have to guess who they are playing peekaboo with.

Age group: 3+

Download: iOS 

Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book

halloween apps

About the app: This award-winning app is the 3D version of a wonderfully designed Halloween activity book for kids. With lots of games, stories and spooky activities for kids designed in an interactive and fun way, kids can win badges and stars as they complete the challenges.

Age group: 6+

Download: iOS 

Toco Boo

halloween apps

About the app: This no-rule, open-ended play game is ideal when you want to spend some fun time with your kids. In short, there is one house and 6 members who you can go about scaring and enjoying a few laughs! Interactive, kid-friendly and with no rules, you know your kids will love this app.

Age group: 4+

Download: Android   iOS 

First Words Halloween

halloween apps kids

About the app: This app, designed for your toddlers to explore and play with letters and words has a collection of 54 Halloween-related words, that aren’t scary and help your toddler build their vocabulary. The options to customise it (length and difficulty of the word, etc) make it a preferred app not just for your toddlers but for older kids as well.

Age group: 3+

Download: iOS 

My Pretend Halloween:

About the app: Kids love pretend play. And here they get to create their own Halloween atmosphere with colourful gravestones, candy flowers, masks, bats, skeletons and lots more. A free app you can make in-house purchases for more options to decorate the vampires and Frankensteins.

Age group: 6+

Download: iOS and Android

Haunted House Pop-Up Activity Book 

About the app: A kids activity book with games, fun things to try and keep the zombies at bay, this one is suitable for your kids aged 5 and above. With challenges at each level and spooktastic badges and stars to incentvise, the graphics are cool in this app.

Age group: 5+

Download: iOS and Android

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