Healthy Brain Food For Kids With Gluten Intolerance

If your child has a gluten intolerance, ensuring that they get the proper brain food for their growth and development is extremely important. Our expert tells us what you should be feeding your child.

This is a myth that if you are on a “Gluten Free Diet” you are eating hardly anything. When they see Mannat, my son, a lot of people, 'Bechara roti nahi ka sakta'. I have a lot to say to people like that. My kid eats such good food and that’s why he jumped a grade. What is the reason? Honestly, I’ll write my book with all the details once he turns 18.  

For the moment, I want to share the reason he is being able to eat well and grow at the same percentile as he was before he got Celiac. That is because when he eats all the food converts to nutrients compared to kids who eat too much processed food, fewer vegetables and less protein.

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