Helicopter Or Snow Plough – Which Type Of Parent Are You?

Dr Zirak Marker is a renowned therapist for adults and kids. Here he shares how we can make our parenting journey more fruitful and not burnout in the process. Have a read.

When you are expecting you always had a vision of how you would be as a parent but once it happens that keeps changing every day. I catch myself being a Tiger mom someday, when guilt takes over I hover between a snowplough parent to a helicopter parent and some days I want to be a free-range parent.

If you are wondering what each of these parenting styles means then well here you go:

  • Free-Range: This is an informal style of parenting where parents let their kids move around without constant adult supervision. They want their kids to be independent & self-reliant.
  • Helicopter Parenting: This is when a parent is always closely monitoring their child and is involved in all their activities.
  • Tiger Mom: These are moms who are highly invested in their kids and they are constantly pushing their children to achieve success; either academically or in extracurricular activities.
  • Snow Plough Parent: This kind of parents remove/plough through any hurdles that come as obstacles in their child's path. They want to make everything easy for the kids.
  • Attachment Parenting: This style of parenting emphasizes forming physical and emotional infant-parent bonds through designated “tools.” These tools are designed to promote maximal empathy, responsiveness, and physical touch.

The pandemic has changed everything. The mental well-being of kids, as well as adults, have really been affected.  The kids have felt the strain. The parents have felt the burnout.

On International #ParentsDay I spoke to Dr Zirak Marker,  Child Psychiatrist, Expert Educational Psychology, Mpower Minds, about all these questions parents have. This conversation made me learn so many things about myself as a parent and about the mistakes I make and of course how I yo-yo between so many parenting styles:

1. Importance of communication at every stage in parenting

2. Importance of Routines

3. How to raise children in a joint family scenario

4. The snow ploughing parent and why that style of parenting will not help children problem-solve. You can watch this at 14.42 minutes. Also if you are worried about how to communicate with your children or why they don't talk to you watch this interview with RJ Navneet. 

5. As I reflect on this conversation I am reminded of my interview with Tennis Star Andre Agassi who had a tough childhood and he shares how rules without relationships will equal to rebellion. Listen to the complete episode here.  . As parents we want our kids to listen to us almost like an authoritative employer who wants his employees to do all the work. To build that equation with your children you will have to put in the effort. If you love podcasts or it's your first do see our complete playlist on Apple & Spotify. It's your parenting playdate over conversations that we all need answers to. 

It may also be a great time to reflect on your parenting lifestyle and see how your lifestyle as a parent could be affecting your kids. Listen here 

By the way, there is this new kind of mom that is emerging called the mean mom, where I border a few times over these days. 


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