Here’s How My Child Reacted When We Told Him We Were Having A Baby

We are often told that it is fairly normal for the first child to behave in a different manner, especially as he or she is worried about his parents’ attention being diverted away.

“No baby in this house” was Kian’s first reaction when we told him of pregnancy #2.

“BOY!!”, he shouted when the doctor at the hospital asked him what he wanted the next baby to be.

“No sharing of toys with baby”, was what he said when we asked him if the baby could take some of his toys.

Those were strong first reactions. As he got used to the idea, then one day we suddenly heard- “I’m just massaging mama’s tummy and the baby…” These are the moods of Kian as a big brother to be – varying from denial to selfishness to pure love and care, depending on his mood, the day of the week-the side of the bed he wakes up from, maybe?!   

Given what we have already seen, we are almost certain that when he goes to the gender scan and if we are to find out it is a girl, he just might say, “No, change it. It can’t be a girl. There’s been a mistake and it is a boy”. Or maybe, just maybe, he might tell the doctor, “No I think your machine is broken, fix it” (I wouldn’t hold it past him to put the blame on someone else or try to convince them that they don’t know what they are doing – it does run in the family after all!) Or try to convince the doctor by saying, “See that picture – it looks like a boy to me. I think you need to check your eyes”… again, I wouldn’t hold it past him to try and make someone else second guess their own judgment and opinion.

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