Here’s How We Are Spending This Lockdown With The Kids #3

This is how this mom is coping with being at home with her family and ensuring everyone stays safe!

With news of Corona and lockdown, we feel the world has almost come to a standstill! Among kids, work from home, news channels and everything Covid-19, we asked parents how they were holding up? Was there a routine they had sent have set for themselves and the kids? This is what our contributor Sadaf Afshan shared with us about her family.

With a pandemic like Covid-19 taking over our lives with a phase of unimaginable, it has changed our routines drastically wherein my daughter is not going to be at school, the husband will be working from home, no maid to carry out the household chores and obviously no cook either. It is by far the toughest time for all of us. Also, the pressure to stay healthy and build an immune system even stronger to fight a disease like Coronavirus.


But what I made sure is by setting a routine for the whole family, I made everything easier, so far so good I can say, let me tell you how the well-planned routine looks:


We Divided Our Household Duties: Husband does the laundry every alternate day along with dishes at night, I prepare one simple and healthy breakfast daily along with a curry for lunch so that the cooking thing gets over in one go. Cleaning the bathroom twice a week and dusting are being done by my husband while deep cleaning thrice a week and mopping every day falls on me.



My daughter isn’t left behind, she helps too: She fills water bottles, sorts her toys and cleans her room, putting her clothes in the laundry & helping her mummy in the kitchen 


We are maintaining social distance hence purchasing groceries online whe possible, stocking up on dry ingredients that can be stored for long use. We bought medicines for fever, cough, cold and a few other important medicines only. We have been mindful about practising no panic buying.


Healthy Reminders For The Whole Family: Wearing a mask whenever it is essential for the husband to move out of the house and carrying a pocket sanitize. Sanitizing and washing hands and drinking a lot of water to keep ourselves hydrated is being strictly followed


A Weekly Meal Planner: This includes nutritious and immunity-boosting recipes on a daily basis to avoid getting sick especially in these hard times, also added easy homemade healthy snacks to avoid eating chips and other junk food.


Family Time: Watching some comedy movies and playing fun activities with kids to make sure we get some quality family time each day.


Workout And Exercising Regularly: A morning workout along with a half an hour walk on the terrace to make sure we breathe in the fresh air and absorb some Vitamin D through sunlight.


In a nutshell, I’d say this phase too shall pass and we will get back to our usual normal soon. Had to set up this routine so that we don’t stress a single person to get the chores done and some quality time with family can be spent until the lockdown phase gets over. The question is will we be missing this phase?


The answer to this is Yes and No, because nobody imagined we’d get so much time with our families and to contradict this I’d say we miss outside world by now.

How are you keeping your kids and yourself engaged? Write in to us at We would love to know how everyone is coping with this crisis!

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