Here’s How We Are Spending This Lockdown With The Kids #4

Here’s what I chalked out as a plan to help me feel better and use this time better with my family. 

Let's admit it. This is one of the most challenging March-April i have ever witnessed. Not because of the financial year-end closing or the school exams or the new session stress that these months bring with it. 

The lockdown and home quarantine have ensured we are stuck with a full house and work go on without a break, with the spouse at home taking calls and working all day too, amidst the kids running amok in the house and complaining of boredom and hunger all day! Did I say that most of us are pulling through this without any help from the domestic front too? 

I must confess the initial few days were overwhelming. I had zero clarity on what was happening and with schools shutting down suddenly, my obsession for concrete plans went for a toss! But then I took a step back and realised that this was here to stay (at least a few weeks, if not a few months). I decided that I am not going to be that mom who imposes learning and education on my child much to her disappointment during these 'holidays'. Of course, the situation is grim and tense- but the kids needn't feel upset all day seeing the news. I wanted her to use this break to the maximum and do things that she likes and enjoys, Like being a game of badminton in our balcony (now that outdoor is restricted) or a game of chess with me in the evenings, stretching herself to some good Yoga asanas, learning to play the keyboard or learning to code or trying out a new science experiment. I left the choice and specifics to her. With school lessons and classes starting this week, there isn't much free time anyway, but here's what I chalked out as a plan to help me feel better and use this time better with my family. 

  • Ask for help: I realised I am no superwoman and to claim that in my head would only make me end the day on a really tiring note. I realised I needed to ask for help to make things better and smoother in the household. Enter the spouse! 
  • Social detox- why not?! If you are social distancing, why not practise social media detox as well? Am not saying you give it up entirely, but know where to draw the line. If you are like me, endlessly scrolling through those gorgeous Instagram handles, take a step back and realise if that account helps you spark joy in your life (Marie Kondo style indeed!) Accounts that make you feel sad, inferior or insecure- click the unfollow button right away. You don't need them in your life right now. 
  • Create a daily plan: We are not talking about military-level planning- but sketch a rough plan so the kids know what's in store for them. The daily planners we put up at Kidsstoppress are a reflection of the hard work we have out in!

Download the planners here!

  • Plan in advance: This again is a given. If you going to go with the flow, let me tell you, the days ahead won't be a smooth ride. Keep a mental note of your plan for the day. Be it work, chores, play or even 'me-time'. Charting out them as a plan helps you execute it way better making your day feel more useful. and productive. 
  • 'Me-time': There, we said it! It's not a crime to want to be alone and listen to your favourite playlist or watch your favourite show in peace, mommies. Ditch the guilt today! 
  • Indoor activities for kids: This list is never-ending and frankly we can't get enough of the ideas, I must confess. The KSP Summer Fun Factory that we are coming up with this year- has bundles that have something for every child at every age (and for parents too!). Sign up for KSP Summer Fun Factory right away! 

So how is your day with the kids? What are you doing to help them spend this time the fun way? Write in to tell us or leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


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