Here’s The Cutest Christmas DIY To Do With Your Kids This Season!

Here is the cutest little snowman you can have in your house and it is so simple and quick to make! Frosty will be at your house with this easy Christmas DIY!

Frosty! The snowman- was a jolly happy soul! With a corn cob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal! This is one of the classic Christmas carols that all of us grew up listening to. Wouldn’t you want frosty to visit your house and be your kiddos’ best friend too? This is a simple and cute Christmas DIY that you can do with your kids and spend some magical moments together!

We often forget the main point of festivals is to spend time with your family. You don’t need to do huge things like big parties or go out and stuff, just some small activities together like cooking or watching movies or just spending time talking makes a huge difference too. Especially for kids, they love when you participate in arts and crafts with them, no matter how good or bad it turns out. So, get your creative side out and make some time for this quick DIY!

What Do I Need For The DIY?

All you need is already in your house:

  • A ballon
  • A marble
  • craft papers
  • Black marker/sketch pen
  • A rubber band
  • Cotton ball

That’s it! And after a few minutes, you will have your very own Frosty! How amazing is that? Try this now and share it with fellow parents!

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